Alyssa Gallop

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I'm Alyssa!

As the daughter of two serial entrepreneurs, I've been immersed in the world of hustle, quick thinking, and creativity since the age of 10!

I'm not just a marketer, I'm a self-starter. Ready for new challenges and eager to push boundaries.

Fun Fact:

I own a bubble tea business!

Learn more: Mango Tree

Content Marketing | Email Marketing | Search Engine Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Affiliate Marketing | Event Marketing

Graphic Design and Content Creation

Figma | Adobe Creative Suite | Canva | iMovie | Social Media Marketing | USG Content | Affiliate Marketing

Amazon PDP Images

Social Media

Print Material

Content Calendar Management

TikTok: Social Media Marketing

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Stanza: User Thank You Video

Content Marketing

Blogs | Press Releases | Newsletters | White Paper | Email | Amazon A+ Content

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Utilized Semrush and Google Trends to create blog content to improve SEO.

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Collaborated with PR, legal and communications teams to create marketing content about new initiatives.

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Napier Email Marketing Campaigns

Stanza Email Marketing Campaigns

Growth Marketing

Pitch Decks | Branding | Landing Pages | Email Marketing | Product Marketing

Kale Health @ Walmart Canada

Pitch decks and brand copy for new heath initiatives. Collaborated with product owners to create copy and slides that simplified their ideas in a creative way.

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Re-designed checkout page to increase conversion rate . Implemented social proof (testimonials), upcoming product developments, deal timer and more.

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Stanza: Series B Funding Initiatives

Goal: Create a series of conversion based e-mails to help our efforts of doubling our user base within 6 months.

Once we found an email that worked, ran a 5 way A/B Subject Line Test.

This e-mail resulted in 42 new users paying for our freemium model SaaS service.

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Performance from reiterating campaign content and subject lines.

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Red Bar = E-mail conversions

E-mail performance increased after applying data insights from A/B tests over time.

SmartLabel Product Roadmap Planning

Created product roadmaps and led the implementation of new product features based on data and market research

Stanza Plus Features and Benefits

Updated features and benefits copy to be consistent across all platforms.

Brand Marketing

Pitch Decks | Branding | Copy | Logo Design

Foodmaestro: Website Design and Copy

SmartLabel: LinkedIn Product Copy

Freshly Thai

Logo Design and Branding Projects


Inner Peace Qigong

Mango Tree



Semrush Academy Certificate

SEO Foundations

Iterable Foundations Certificate

Email Marketing Foundations

Google Ads Search Certificate

Google Search Campaigns Fundamentals

Alyssa Gallop

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Alyssa Gallop

647 892 4916